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Prepping Wire Hangers on Parts
Hot parts submerged in fluidized nylon

If your project requires high performance with a coating thickness greater than 8 mils, you will want to explore thermoplastic powder coating options. Thermoplastic powder coating offers better salt spray performance, UV resistance, and better impact resistance. Thermoplastic powder coating is tough enough for long-lasting performance in a wide variety of applications, including all sorts of wire products, pulleys, sprockets, outdoor furniture, light poles, signposts, playground equipment, railings and stairways, fencing panels, bike racks, cable grids, battery trays, perforated steel and more.

Prior to the application of powder, raw parts are typically washed in a balanced wash process which applies pre-treatment chemistry to the metal surface to ensure superior adhesion and a highly uniform finish that meets rigorous testing standards. In our thermoplastic powder coating process, your parts are preheated for a few minutes to allow them to reach a temperature that will melt the thermoplastic powder into a smooth and continuous film. Preheated parts are dipped into a bed of fluidized powder for a set period of time depending on the desired mil thickness of the coating. Once coated, the parts then pass through a second oven for final curing.

The Coating Methods, Inc. fluidized bed process allows our shop to handle an array of parts in all shapes and sizes. Thermoplastic color charts are available in our office for your reference. This process is ideal for high volume orders. Contact our coating specialists today to learn more about our thermoplastic powder coating capabilities.

Thermoplastic Powder Coating Options

Materials Used:
Thermoplastic powders are available in many stock colors. Custom colors may be available upon request. We will help you choose the best type of powder for your application, made from materials such as Nylon 11, Vinyl, Polyethylene, Polyester, FDA/USDA Finishes, and more.

Custom Colors:
Pick the perfect color to finish your project how you envision it. Choose from any of our stock thermoplastic colors, or we can have a custom color created specifically for your needs. We also offer custom color matching.

Part Dimensions Accepted:
Our shop can handle any parts up to 7.5′ x 3.5′ x 3.5′

Thermoplastic coatings range from 8-50 mil in coverage depending on your desired specification.

Assembly & Packaging:
We offer assembly and packaging services at an additional cost. Save time and money by using our employees to assemble final components, add hardware and instructions, and put your parts in their final packaging. Ship straight to your customer off our dock!

Pick-up and Delivery:
Need to transport your parts? We offer both pick-up and delivery services to our customers, including delivery directly to your customer if needed! Contact us for a custom quote for all trucking services.

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We love helping our customers meet their finishing needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best powder coating solution for your project. Contact us today for more information on how we can help and learn more about the Coating Methods difference!