Media Blasting

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Every item entering our facility has a surface that must be properly prepared for powder coating. Media blast cleaning is an excellent form of surface preparation as it ensures optimal coating adhesion. End usage and customer expectations help to determine the required condition of the substrate prior to applying our powder coatings. Coating Methods, Inc. has 2 separate automated media blasting operations on-site to accommodate your specific needs.

Advantages of Media Blasting

  • Provides better coating adhesion due to the rough surface profile after media blasting
  • Steel and aluminum oxide grit can remove tough rust easily from hard to reach corners
  • Generates minimal or no waste since steel grit and aluminum oxide can be reused repeatedly
  • Media blasting is very cost-effective and minimizes preparation time prior to powder coating
Media Blasting

Media Blasting Options

Media Used:
Aluminum Oxide – 80 Mesh
Steel Grit – 80 Mesh

Part Dimensions Accepted:
Aluminum Oxide Parts – 3′ x 1.5′ x 1.5′
Steel Media Grit Parts – 10′ x 16′ x 6′

Part Quantities:
We can support your product needs, from One to High Volume quantities

Materials Commonly Processed:
Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, Copper, and Other metals.

Finishing Options:
Electrostatic powders are available in thousands of colors and formulas. For an extra pop to your project, you can choose a specialty finish such as Textured, Metallic, or Translucent powders (and more!). We also spray powders that are FDA/USDA approved, Anti-Microbial, AAMA approved, Architectural grade, etc. We can also match a custom color of your choice.

Assembly & Packaging:
We offer assembly and packaging services at an additional cost. Save time and money by using our employees to assemble final components, add hardware and instructions, and put your parts in their final packaging. Ship straight to your customer off our dock!

Pick-up and Delivery:
Need to transport your parts? We offer both pick-up and delivery services to our customers, including delivery directly to your customer if needed! Contact us for a custom quote for all trucking services.

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