Assembly & Packaging

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To better serve our customers, we offer a variety of services upon completion of our powder coating services. Light to heavy assembly of finished components is a value added service we offer our customers. This allows our customers to decrease their transportation and handling costs, along with shorter lead times to the end user of the finished product. That means your Customers get their parts faster.

Additionally, we offer final packaging of finished goods including adding hardware and instructions to the final pack. Offering this solution has proven valuable to our customers and allowed us to differentiate ourselves from competitors. Coating Methods, Inc. is your one stop shop for finishing, light and heavy assembly combined with final packaging. Ask us about how we can save your company time and resources, along with shortening your lead times on shipments to your customers.

Assembly and Packaging Options

Part Quantities:
We can support your product needs, from One to High Volume quantities.

Save time and money by using our employees to assemble final components, such as caster legs, hardware packs, assembly kits, etc.

Coating Methods prides itself on making sure your parts arrive safely to your customer. Our staff can put your parts in your custom packaging, add instructions, and put labels on the final packaging. Ship direct to multiple locations across North America, saving time and money!

Pick-up and Delivery:
Need to transport your parts? We offer both pick-up and delivery services to our customers, including delivery directly to your customer if needed! Contact us for a custom quote for all trucking services.

Let Us Solve Your Coating Needs

We love helping our customers meet their finishing needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best powder coating solution for your project. Contact us today for more information on how we can help and learn more about the Coating Methods difference!